About Leslie’s Mill


As an ancestor of Millers, I don’t mill wheat, paper, wood, metal or water for power and money. Instead I will put my miller skills to use milling  for a different power.  Here I will mill words and images, thoughts and ideas.I enjoy milling them for revelations, knowledge, insight and the solutions that it brings. Hosea 4:6; My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me. So knowledge is vital against being misled and even death therefore we shouldn’t reject it just because it is uncomfortable or not politically correct. Usually I come to WordPress to document a comment on a news article that took so long to construct that I want a hard record of what I wrote. I throw tons of notes in here too. I hope to come here more and more to mill over  current events, conflicting political views, ideology, religion, art and crafts, photographs, internet memes, recipes, music, and  gardening.I also reserve the right to document events from my life. Millers are skilled polisher and grinders, they churn things up till they develop something new. Milling is a refining process that alters a surfaces finish. Millers grinding and pulverizing till the result is a fine powder or dust. Wind Mills and Water Mill produce power.  It give me a metal milled edge on topics and a millers polished  perspective.on just about anything and everything. It should also improve my language and spelling skills.The only thing that can’t be milled is truth. Truth is the grinding stone.


leslymill is a tag for Leslie Miller

Leslymill is the closestbannerlogo2 word I could get to Leslie Miller when I started an on-line AOL account around 1995. Nobody else has ever use leslymill so I have claimed it. I don’t particularity like it, but it is mine. When ever I log in somewhere and this name is taken, I know it is because I already have an account there, but have forgotten about it. Leslymill@care2.com is locked forever, my password isn’t recognized.  Oh well I visit for e-cards now.

So I am working with this blasé name leslymill to mesh my internet identity into.   Leslie is a well used name by both sexes, but almost as blasé a leslymill. It is used by a salt company and a pool supply company. The shorter version Less describes a verb, more or less and a lesbian i.e. “Don’t call me Lez, I don’t like the ghastly attention.”  Miller is a common name originating in Germany as someone who mills grain or wood or mills anything. It is also a popular American beer , a type of moth and the first American Tax Rebellion after the Boston Tea Party. “The Miller Rebellion” also known as the  “Whisky Rebellion” shows how hypocritical the new government was about taxes when it becomes desperate for funding. Wars do that.

I tried my hand at a fewles-comlogo home spun websites years ago while internet marketing, but they were lacking good content, design and planning so they didn’t generate any hits unless by accident. This one might not either, but it is a useful tool. WordPress makes websites more fun than those in the 90’s and relatively as easy as working in Gab, Twitter or Facebookleslogoanima. The ripoff of internet marketing had me doing things to promote my site like getting a”leslymill” LOGO for my line of products. I just was not going to  dish out for a professional one..I pulled out the paint program I never used and started giving it a whirl which ended up in hours of frustration and a few shameful examples I have posted around this page. My inspiration came while I lived in New Orleans, thus the fleur-de-lys . The  Blue Roses came for my fabulous Martha Stewart bedroom theme and the full blown arts and craft trend I went into.. I will keep my eyes open for a good LOGO, these old ones don’t grasp the artful essence of what for the site. the do grasp the cheap look of  a clueless internet marketer.

My Favorite


For a good LOGO I may have to master a paint program….shiver….At any rate I should go mill over something else..Enjoy..