The Kathy Shelton Story …Comment to an enabler.

Jesus fuck you people are stupid. Did it ever occur to any of you idiots that Hillary was literally required to defend this guy because it was her fucking job? And yet you try to throw shade at her for knowing that her client was guilty? Hell, if you dumb shits ever bothered to actually look up the facts, you’d know that she tried to get out of the case and couldn’t! but let’s be honest — none of you care even a little about the facts, or about how the justice system works — you only care that you feel that your hate is vindicated.

My response to this comment:

Your not looking at all the facts.I have watched over ten videos on this and it is true Hillary is not laughing AT Kathy but the injustice of the justice system she used for a foul It doesn’t matter what you or I think. It matters what Kathy Shelton thinks.Does it matter that she can’t look at the public stage of our highest office battle without reliving the worst night of her life.? Thinking of seeing that woman on a public stage, Has Hillary ever tried to pay Kathy’s family back for the hell they went through and the act of forcing them to pay……Has she ever tried to bring justice to the girl she destroyed….????..Kathy thinks she is a liar and a dirty politician ..and that is where I go on this story…not to rape enablers like Bill and Hillary Clinton and their enablers like you. It reminds me of another pathetic story that leaves a foul taste in peoples mouths…When the black female protester had the sign addressing her “BRING THEM TO HEEL” gaffe. Did she apologize for the gaffe or try to bandage the wound?…NO.she snubbed her while her security removed her……..Cause the gaffe is deep…. Bill and Hillary passed laws that increased the incarcerations and worsened the plight of blacks in drug a invested culture. A culture , it has been rumored Bill and Hillary made a fortune off of through the MENA ARKANSAS. DRUG TRADE shenanigans. Snopes is a leftest rag who distorts the record. I won’t even go there. The gaffe isn’t Hillary laughing at Kathy it is her public “What difference does it make?” attitude .

Additional tweets on the story.

Kathy was beaten, savagely raped ,left in a coma. She required surgery and was never able to have children.



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