Hillary Trolls

We don’t heed or listen to Media Matters hype, Hillary’s ad nauseam racism or even the pointless ad hominem  gnats from Distorting the Record who  travel through rabbit hole scavenging for dribble.
 Any stain you try to put on Trump simply makes people giggle.
 You see Trumps pesky mole hills are NOTHING compared to the GIGANTIC National Security issues Clinton continues to deny. We see how Hillary Clinton used a home grown unsecured basement email server to conduct her classified top secret government business and blames Russia with war when she is hacked. How she kept her pay for play enterprise under lock and key but going out of her way to bash 30,000 of them with a hammer and bleachbit, AFTER they were subpoenaed,claiming they were about Yoga. We know she is a criminal to be jailed for using a charity to sell weapons. We saw how she stole the election from Bernie Sanders through extensive mischievous bullshittery, how her health is deteriorating before our eyes…..Not only is she free falling in the polls she will continue to fall because she is exposing the IRS /DOJ /FBI /DHS as incompetent tools for pushing through global treason and heartless agendas.
 To believe them would make you any person an idiot
 To allow this poison to continue is suicide.


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