Hillary is Paraniod about Russian Hacks

While Hillary is on a gurney hallucinating about Russian spies, and trembling as ISIS and Christians pray for her demise to Trump, we see her frantically convulsing over the missed opportunity of putting more miners out of work ,increasing the tax burden on the middle class and flooding the land with 500,000 plus potential 9/11 repeat offenders….Shouting out delirious from heatstroke about half the US population being Baskets of deplorable, xenophobic, racists instead of just wanting to be cautious. At any rate . something is wrong with her. With a nurse background I spent time on Youtube trying to reassuring actual conspiracy admirers and other concerned people she wasn’t possessed by demons..Mainstream media lost ALL CREDIBILITY for not covering it and sweeping it under the rug. This leads to self made journalist with sizable followings turned out tons of videos to address the concern..Heck the story was giving them HITS. Then fake medical documents showed up on my twitter page by someone claiming to be an old employee of Hillary’s doctor. It looks fake okay…but her diagnosis was brilliant and explained away tons of fears. I mean was Hillary Clinton even fit to be president…big story..So a few sites got some doctors to say some things ,but one reputable one was immediately fired. Dr Drew was fired from CNN for admitting he had concerning about her history and medications as declared by Hillary own doctor. That only sparked it more and angers the public against the mainstream media. It continues to be a viral on line issue that has MSM hated because they don’t want to report what they see as news. Instead MSM looked like the just wanted to campaign for Hillary. Some of us feel responsible that Doctor Drew got fired but ti did get other doctors to come forward and collaborate what he found to be unusual medical treatments. .Oh well..we all hope Dr Drew gets a massively better job for helping us all out with our concerns because Hillary thought opening a jar of pickles on Jimmy Kimmel would make it all go “BUH BYE”…Here we are and it turns out it really is an issue…Great JOB Dr. Drew, Breitbart and Alex Jones at Infowars for not being afraid to address viral topics and making silly theories of Hillary’s demonic possession go run endlessly amok.


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