All Americans Lives Matter to Americans By Leslie L. Miller


This article started as a comment on a Morning Joe YouTube video with a  Donald Trump Supporter Pastor Mark Burns : I Know What Real Racism Is | Morning Joe | MSNBC . The comment began to take on a life of it’s own  due to the political climate this election cycle has churned up. I remembered Bishop E.W. Jackson coming out in the 2012  Calling on Christians to leave Democratic Party. I thought it was important then since in his first term Obama, with the stroke of his mighty pen, signed the unconstitutional  NDAA  (National Defense Authorization Act) where Americans can be stripped of their constitutional rights without reprieve. It disturbs me how vindictive Hillary Clinton is to people who go after her. She has no qualms about lying straight faced to American people repeatedly. I just think it is important that we encourage people to consider giving Donald J. Trump a try at leading the United States to make America great again..


If you’re going to come out wanting to rewrite the American National Anthem because a rich black ballplayer feels oppressed by it, ban the Confederate Flag even though its entire premise has been defeated, melt down southern heroes made of bronze , because deep down you  fear the “south will rise again” and you resonate with  Al Sharpton to go out and “kill Whitey” you should FIRST rename and redefine THAT RACIST  Democratic Party.

(Picking up my white handkerchief and Bible.)

That Democratic Party that fought civil rights from 1887 to 1964, forming the KKK to block and subvert Civil Rights through covert threats and intimidation. That party that bred Lyndon B Johnson to say he would have,” blacks voting Democrat for 200 years.” That party who drives relentlessly to promote the eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s brain-child “Planned Parenthood.” Planned Parenthood an organization used  to minimize the black races’ influence on Western Culture. says, 28% of abortions are done on black babies, but blacks  are just 12% of population. Slavery, plantations, KKK, lynchings, forced sterilization, abortion, unlimited refugees, War/death. Does anyone’s life matter in a political party with that kind of a history? Maybe? Just maybe you should  give Donald Trump a try.

What does “ANY” race get off that Democratic  plantation? A party who bends over backwards bankrupting the working class then hooking  any faltering members into a feeding tube of government social welfare programs. A party easily bribed into taking globalist destroyer George Soros’ money . Soros, Chairman of Open Society Foundations, who is systematically destroying Western civilization one country at a time. Soros notorious at decimating countries far richer in culture than the United States. If you have two hours watch this video, George Soros, Puppet Master, by Glen Beck for an info lecture on the damage he has done and plans to do. George Soros following his plans found in Wikileaks documentation  by funding and manipulating  The Black Lives Matter Movement and The New Black Panthers Party Movements. If you identify with these racist terrorist groups and think you can exterminate whitey, don’t forget Soros is a NAZI. You don’t have to take my word for it, but the end of his guidance is death to both black and white cultures in America. Soros gives these groups chaotic direction because he wants them to drive our civilization into a destabilized mess that even his beloved dreamer police state couldn’t fix, but only make worse. *YES THAT IS WHAT THE WIKILEAKS DOCUMENTS SAY…NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY. IT IS A RICH PSYCHOPATHS IDEOLOGY. Soros hopes to destabilize something unique in the world called America. Soros hates America’s founding anti-NAZI principles of  liberty and justice for all.  Using racist groups to pin us  under a Gestapo type police state is only the first step of the hell he wants to enslave us under. The blind wolves called the Democratic party can not set up a Soros government to rule over us like a god without destroying all of our Constitution. Yet they do just that and their liberalism has fundamentally been transformed into an authoritarian IRON FIST of politically correct nonsense. A socialist branding fist that will take your bread and divide over to someone else. Democrats selecting the next supreme court justices is not just a second amendment concern, it is a Constitution concern. If you’re a minority struggling in American society, why not give Trump a try?

I just spent a great deal of time last week trying to figure out what the Alternative Right was. Even though it’s origin is western white European culture we can avoid destroying our civilization by understanding some of it’s fundamental beliefs. For me the Alternative Right is not yet a racist organization but a RACE Organization and is the mirror of what the Black Lives Matter Movement is, minus the violence instilled by Soros. Watch this Video “We are the Alt-Right”

to get a quick entertaining introduction. Then click on their array of videos to get a grasp. Just so you know, seasoned members of the Alt-Right insist if you’re not white, you are not Alt-Right. I say it is mirror to BLM  because they do not identify well with white members either as evidenced at a DNC Convention protest where a women with a bullhorn yells “all white people to the back.”

I am not alternative right, BLM, New Black Panther, or Tea Party.  I am a Ron Paulitician. I cling to the Constitution and the Christian Bible continuing to believe in conservatism instead of having my country do for me.  I can defend any of those words. All Whites can Identify with the Alt Right and all Black can Identify with Black Lives Matter but I will warn you these groups are segregationists and to identify with them will keep us segregated in little cultural groups. The Alt Right does seek solutions but won’t find them without the other groups helping them voluntarily shed white supremacy ideology. Multicultural harmony will only happen through faith and by establishing liberty and justice for all.  We need to understand why a young black college female needs to be a segregationist when it comes to her housing. We need to accept some may not be able to identify with the home of the free and the brave. We can’t overcome race without embracing our culture. America is not Europe . The land belongs and shouts being  Native Americans in most of the states names and major towns. White Europeans may have dominated the culture while bringing Jesus Christ, literature and industry, but we set up laws that demand cultural equality as well as the endowed equality. Americans need to find preserve their ability to ensure domestic tranquility and common defense without hindrance or need for a foreign police state. Multiculturalism has divided us into so many groups we can’t find a safe place and instead are barraged by people chanting racism them racists or some other anti-group label. Andrew Breitbart and the La Raza Student ..  What Breitbart says is true . Hillary Clinton represents a part of society that is intolerant to other views and systematic labels them using propaganda techniques . she first came out doing it in Reno Nevada. has comeout in several speeches with an elitist view grossly labeling average Americans in general. Hillary’s Basket of Deplorables. The real God says quit your murder. Beat your weapons into plow shares. If you have lost your vision Trump says., “Try me what have you got to lose? We may not be completely united in everything but we need to all go in one direction.


*Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Federally Controlled Police


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