The Making of a Nazi War Criminal

The guy is a poisoned highly misguided patriot AND THE WOMAN IS A COOL BLOODED NAZI…and he panders to this woman who is a horrible corrupted witch who is leading him straight to hell, Tho his first step is diplomacy, his shock over Crimea’s loss has him to eager to murder 8 million ethnic Ukrainians in cold blood. He should have argued with her there about killing 8 million Russians a whole lot harder. They have the wrong leader out of this twosome. Toss her back in jail and throw away the key….toss in the scum who unleashed her back onto the world..We can all thank the Lord God above that she was not able to be in charge of the process. Seeks to shed blood like a snake…hopefully her connections (probably John McCain types) will flee from her like POISON….She thinks her ultra viper ways, money and looks will get her power. SHE HAS RUINED A NATION.



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