Satan tried to kill me and I was asked what he looked like

NOW that is a tall order.I met Jesus first..Called out for God July 4, 1976 and it took 39 days for him to get there.I met him because someone told me to read the Bible. It totally freaked me out that a book was talking to me…yet I did not see him He told me I was blessed for beleiving yet never seeing him….I knew he had walked on the earth before and that had overcome death, had great understanding and wisdom, called me his bride and wife. Asked me what I wanted most and I said understanding and he showed me LOVE. I was ashamed because I didn’t know what love was….Didn’t know his name till a church told me at two different meetings over a week later.that he had died here on earth 2k yr ago…The LOVE he was teaching me was what sent Satan roaring up to my bedroom. I was gonna share it with other people cauise I was really upset to be 16 years old and never experienced it before. He cames around midnight the first time…his hour of darkness. I failed just about every test and temptation thrown at me…For me he was a dark spirit, man sized, and very angry that I had met this one called Jesus. My dad was a Satanist and he started to plot with my dad how to kill me…….These encounters were numerous but the one I remember when he entered my dad and tried to flush me down the pot (toilet) thinking I was on POT and just as my head was gonna be rammed into the porcailin,( I was using all four limbs to avoid this blood mess from happening)… Jesus stood up and scared the crap out of him and he dropped out of my father and he attacked Jesus and tried to flush Jesus down the toilet Jesus didn’t even say anything that I heard but the power flowed and Satan plunged to the center of the he did I heard or recall this is him who makes WAR with the LAMB OF GOD…as he fell I fell away jumped over my dad, who was also shocked, and left the house screaming to my neighbor ( this would be my third time running to them at wee hours of the morning ).Later that year (age 16) …Later there was an encounter at the throne of God after I had lost a bad battle and fallen hard…I was shot about 120 times in the GUT with feiry darts and experienced bouts of madness from it and a powerful enemy being was talking to God but to be honest It was so depressing to this day I don’t know what they said but I know I have to endure to the end because what Gkod said was bitter and terrible till the end of his sentence and then my soul rejoiced…This being had a large army behind him after his talk with God and …(wow I have never told anyone this)…this demon I saw out of the corner of my eye and he was a man sized freaking DRAGON HEADED THING…OKAY..Satan I don’t know if it was him cause the other times he was just an evil dark buzzard. The last time he was called to face me I swear..He WAS THE PERFECT PRESENTATION OF CLEARLY THE EVIL ONE…. and I got to study him and he literally had no soul or face left…He was just a evil force void of God….Like ACDC God is AC and Satan is DC…That literally is all that is left of this creature..who was, is yet is NOT…he really IS NOT..He has a job…Jesus told him to do it quickly, he serves and worships God the Father of Jesus and until all is fulfilled her, he doesn’t go to HELL till 1k years of being locked in Perdition…Now untill you meet Jesus….He really is just an old Serpent, cause he hisses like a snake and puffs like a dragon…I don’t know if he can pull off looking like a Dragon it really didn’t seem like him now that I think of it. either way I will endure unto the end.


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