My father was Army Lieutenant colonel who fought in Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam. He was stationed with LTC Micheal Aquino at the Presidio  of San Francisco. He attended Anton LaVey’s church in San Francisco with him several times that I know of..He did not get into the Ritual Abuse, but when I became a Christian; … More WIKILEAKS REVEALS OCCULTIC WHITE HOUSE – YouTube

Follow the Money

9 While working at the White House, Monica Lewinsky’s confidante – Linda Tripp,  received a phone call from a citizen mentioning a phrase that Ms. Tripp was unfamiliar with: ‘tain… Source: Follow the Money

Hillary Trolls

We don’t heed or listen to Media Matters hype, Hillary’s ad nauseam racism or even the pointless ad hominem  gnats from Distorting the Record who  travel through rabbit hole scavenging for dribble.  Any stain you try to put on Trump simply makes people giggle.  You see Trumps pesky mole hills are NOTHING compared to the GIGANTIC National Security issues … More Hillary Trolls